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JP Mega Menu

JP Mega Menu
Latest Version: 1.12

JP Mega Menu 1.12 - Wordpress


JP Mega Menu 1.12 - Joomla


  • Custom css added which added inside builder

JP Mega Menu 1.11 - Joomla


  • Tested in joomla 4.1.2
  • Tested in latest yootheme 2.7.21

JP Mega Menu 1.10 - Joomla


  • Clickable Top Menu - New param added. while accordation menu we can make top menu as clickable using this param

JP Mega Menu 1.9 - Joomla


  • Breadcrumbs menu issue fixed

With our JP Mega Menu extension you can create beautiful, dynamic and super functional mega menus for YOOtheme Pro websites. With the amazing YOOtheme Builder you can create large mega menues, add dynamic content and use ANY element within.

Mega Menu Demos:


35 EUR
Latest Version: 1.12
J3 J4 W Y M P PHP8
This extension is deprecated and will not get any more updates.



Available for both Joomla & Wordpress!

joomla and wordpress

We utilize the Builder module to get this to work. This means its a very sleek and non-intrusive way of doing this. You create a Builder type module and then connect this to a special JP Mega Menu item that triggers the unfolding of this menu. Please watch this promo video below to learn exactly how its done!

Promo video:




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