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JP CS Twitter

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“JP CS Twitter” new plugin allows you to integrate your twitter feeds directly to the Dynamic Content Source in YOOtheme Pro builder elements. It loads twitter feed content into your website layouts using the YOOtheme Pro page builder and dynamic content. Now it also supports the YOOtheme Essentials "Sources" integration.

Install and enable the plugin and it will show up in your Dynamic Content list ready to be used on any element within YOOtheme Pro builder.

Create beautiful grids from twitter feed content by just using your twitter User ID or any twitter #Hashtag. The web owners, web designers and agencies are now freely create templates for their twitter feed content in different views.

How to install & use:

  • Buy and download the latest version of "JP CS Twitter" plugin from the product page.

  • You can just install the "JP CS Twitter" plugin using the "Joomla Extension Manager", click “Extensions -> Manage -> Install”(like you install any other plugin extension for Joomla).

  • From the main joomla menu click “Extensions -> Plugins”. Use the Search or Filter feature to find the installed "JP CS Twitter" plugin, and then make sure the installed plugin is enabled.

Configure Dynamic Content Source with twitter:

  • Now open "YOOtheme" website builder inside the Joomla admin and edit the page you want to add the twitter feeds.
  • Then you can easily add listed custom builder elements in Yootheme PRO Website Builder in which you want to use the twitter as a content source. Here we used Grid element.

  • Then Click on grid element and click "ADD ITEM" to add the new item to the element.

  • Click "Advanced" menu in the new item and then select the option from "DYNAMIC CONTENT".

  • Select a "Twitter Feed" content source and set the simple twitter feed settings to make its fields available for mapping.

  • Alternately you can create the Yootheme Sources to make its data or fields available for mapping.

  • Create the new "Twitter Feed" source and set the simple twitter feed settings to make its fields available for mapping.

  • Click "Advanced" menu in any yootheme element and then select the option "JP Twitter" from "DYNAMIC CONTENT".

  • Once a twitter content source is selected, its fields are available for mapping.
  • To map a content field to an element's field, open the Content tab of an element. Each element field shows a Dynamic button on the right which opens a dropdown with a list of all available content fields.

  • Select the content field to map it to the element's field. For example, you can map the title and image to the user name and image fields of the twitter feeds .

  • Once finished all the settings for the element , Click "Save layout" and "Close" the website builder.

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