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JP VM Ajax Search

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JP VM Ajax Search is a powerful ajax search module for Joomla to display Virtuemart product search result using keywords. Most interesting and unique thing is you have the control over search results by defining the priority value for the virtuemart products.

How to install:

  • Download the latest “mod_jp_vm_ajax_search” module package from “JP VM Ajax Search” product page.
  • Install the downloaded “” using the Extension Manager menu in the administrator section of your Joomla website.
  • After JP VM Ajax Search module successfully installed in your website then go to the next step.
  • From the main joomla menu click “Extensions -> Module manager”. Use the Search or Filter feature to find module, and then click on the module.


  • You may select a module position from the list of pre-defined positions or enter your own module position by typing the name in the position field and pressing enter.


  • Change module status from unpublished to published .


  • Assign module to pages on which you want to see, “Menu Assignment -> Module Assignment”. Click “Save & Close” to save all the module settings.

Adding VM custom fields:

  • From the main joomla menu or extensions menu, click “Virtuemart → Custom Fields”.


  • Create a new custom field for search keywords with all the below settings in the screenshot and must set the layout position as “jp_vm_ajax_search”


  • Create a new custom field for search priority with all the below settings in the screenshot and must set the layout position as “jp_vm_ajax_priority”

Add the custom fields created to the virtuemart products

  • Click “Extensions -> Virtuemart -> Products” in the admin menu.
  • Click the name of a product or create a new product.
  • Click the Custom Fields tab.
  • Select and add “jp_vm_ajax_priority” and “jp_vm_ajax_search” from “Custom Field Type” dropdown box you've created.
  • Input the value between1-9 for “jp_vm_ajax_priority”, where 1 belongs to highest priority and keywords for “jp_vm_ajax_search”.



Voilaaa all done! Placed “JP VM Ajax Search Module” in any position of your site now and used to search VM results. The results automatically appear as you type your search keyword and also as per your search priority values order.

JP VM Ajax Search language issues recommended fixes

Fix 1:

  • Language file for JP VM Ajax Search module is in the path [webroot]/language. Here you find the english file as [webroot]/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_jp_vm_ajax_search and you need to create this for your language as new folder and rename the file. (for example “[webroot]/language/de-DE/de-DE.mod_jp_vm_ajax_search.ini” for german).
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