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VMuikit Offcanvas Cart

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This module is a addon for the VMuikit package. Add cart button into your site navigation or anywhere you want, with Off-canvas cart you can add an impressive sliding panel to display cart contents on your site.

This smart feature here allows shoppers to quickly view the products added to their cart and it also contains quick navigations which allow them to:

  • Adjust the cart by removing products which they don’t need
  • View subtotal of the cart
  • Doing checkout operations

How to install:

  • Download the latest “VMuikit Offcanvas Cart” module package from product download page.
  • Install the downloaded ZIP file using the "Extension Manager" menu in the administrator section of your Joomla website.
  • After "VMuikit Offcanvas Cart" module successfully installed in your website then go to the next step.
  • From the main joomla menu click “Extensions -> Module manager”. Use the Search or Filter feature to find module, and then click on the module.


  • You may select a module position from the list of pre-defined positions or enter your own module position by typing the name in the position field and pressing enter.


  • Change module status from unpublished to published .
  • Click “Save & Close” to save all the module settings.


  • Wooow all done! now "VMuikit Offcanvas Cart" module cart button now appears on your site position.


  • Now add the VM shop product to the cart from the product page now you can able to view all the cart things straight away without going to checkout page.


  • Now you can able to view all the cart things straight away without going to checkout page.

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