VMuikit is not a simple component for Joomla/VirtueMart. Its a advanced tool targeted at web designers/developers that have some prior experience with building Joomla (and VirtueMart) websites. Here follows some common questions and general knowledge about VMuikit.

What is VMuikit?

VMuikit is a Joomla component that install a override theme for Virtuemart. The component also adds a lot of extra settings to customize your Virtuemart/webshop setup. All the layouts/overrides in VMuikit is based on the UIkit framework from YOOTheme (all YOOtheme templates are built in UIkit framework).

The UIkit framework gives endless of possibilities for web designers to customize the look and feel of the website/webshop.

The full potential is that with one of YOOthemes templates you can actually build so many different webshop/websites with completely different look and feel (design and user interface). Are you serious about web design you should really give YOOtheme templates a go. Check out their templates: http://yootheme.com/

How to install VMuikit?

VMuikit 5.x supports YOOtheme PRO page builder / UIkit 3 templates and VMuikit 4.x supports YOOtheme Warp 7 / UIkit 2 templates.

You install the vmuikit_package_x.x.x.zip in the Extension Manager (like you install any other extension for Joomla).

This installation also installs all the override files to plugins/system/vmuikit_override/html_override/ However you can override these in the old fashion of adding same files in /html/ in you chosen template. This way you can update VMuikit without your custom code being touched. The installation also installs and enables the VMuikit One Page Checkout plugin and enables this by default. If you want to use other cart then please disable this plugin. 

Installation video tutorial



You have problems? - How to troubleshoot

First thing to do if you encounter problems is always to change to Protostar template (default Joomla template) and see if you have the same problem there. IF you do have the same problem there then its not a VMuikit issue and you should ask in http://forum.virtuemart.net to get help.

If you have only problem in VMuikit but not in Protostar then please post in our support forums.

We also recommend you install Web Developer toolbar in Firefox to see if you have any Javascripts error (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/web-developer/). That can help a lot for you to pinpoint what type of problem you have.

*When asking questions in the support forum please always add you site details so we quickly can help you!

Who is VMuikit for?

VMuikit is for those that have built some Joomla and Virtuemart website before. For a first project you might run into some troubles. You need to know the basiscs of Joomla, templating, Virtuemart (and its settings) also understand the concept of what the UIkit framework is. Freelancers and Web Agencies that have built a few Joomla/Virtuemart websites will find VMuikit to be an absolute awesome companion!

Who is VMuikit NOT for?

Someone building their first Joomla website. You will need to have some pretty good understanding in building Joomla website. Not meaning PHP and Javascript knowledge. But you need to use FTP and advanced Joomla/Virtuemart settings. If you never used Virtuemart before we can not recommend VMuikit.

Is there any documentation?

Yes, you find the documentation here: https://joomlapro.com/support/documentation/vmuikit-5


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