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We are a small web agency with focus on Joomla, Wordpress and YOOtheme products. We started our company in 2011 and have since created hundreds of web projects for businesses, governments and NGOs. During our daily tasks we run into complex problems that needs to be solved - some of these solutions turned into these extensions/plugins you find on this site. We hope these extensions can help you in your projects.

We find the YOOtheme Pro tools and coding environment with UIkit etc to be absolutely revolutionary so many of our projects are built for this.

Many of our YOOtheme Pro specific products works with both Joomla & Wordpress.

Look out for the wordpress icon icon for Wordpress support.

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The Joomla! ® name and logo are trademarks of Open Source Matters, Inc. in the United States and other countries. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla name and logo are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries. &

Joomla Update support

All components are being shipped with Joomla®! Update support, this means you don't have to upgrade manually anymore! The only thing you need to do is making sure you have entered a valid Download ID key!

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We have developed a easy to use ticket system for all our support questions that will be available for you after you create account. We usually answer all support tickets within hours. Go to Support form.

Joomla 4 & PHP 8

Since January 2023 we have updated most of our extensions to work with Joomla 4 and PHP 8. Please look for the J4 and PHP8 icons to confirm. PHP 8 support Joomla 4 support

Highlighted Products

Our focus:

As a web agency we are always interested in new technology and design trends. While we do build many Wordpress websites per client requests we have some extra love for the Joomla®! CMS. Therefore, our products here reflect this...

Joomla CMS Extensions

Joomla®! CMS

We never shy away from building a good Wordpress website - however if we can pick platform for the more sophisticated projects, we always pick Joomla. We love the robustness and flexibility. We also love the fantastic community around it and the fact that is governed by a non-profit organisation.

Phoca Cart UIkit YOOtheme extensions

Phoca Cart

Whether you are going to run a large online store, a small online store or just an online catalog, Phoca Cart can help you in every situation. It's easy and quick to set up and use, and will allow you to be ready to build an online store on your Joomla system as soon as possible.

YOOtheme Professional Developers


When it comes to design and template we have been focusing on YOOthemes products for more than 6 years. Their latest YOOtheme Pro builder have been an absolute success for us and our clients. So is the amazing UIkit 3 frontend framework that have become our preferred framework for our client’s custom projects.

We also build Custom Elements and Custom Sources for the YOOtheme Builder.

VirtueMart professional ecommerce


There are many positive and negative things to say about VirtueMart when comparing it to other options on the market. However, we and many other web agencies are running large scale, international webshops successfully on it. It is truly a work horse when it comes to ecommerce for Joomla®! CMS.

The combination of Joomla®! CMS, VirtueMart and YOOtheme Pro is something we focus on and have shown to be an incredible combination of tools. Check our component VMuikit and what it can do.

Electroneum Extensions


Electroneum is a revolutionary payment system based upon blockchain technology. We have followed this project with great anticipation since it was launched and have since then produced a pack of very useful plugins for Joomla and Wordpress.

Electroneum Extensions

Payson Checkout

Increase the conversion and save time with the smooth order management. Your customers easily choose from the payment methods internet banking, card payment, partial payment and invoice - which can now be paid with Swish. In Payson Checkout all payment methods are included as standard! The customer's most recently chosen payment method is pre-selected for a fast and smooth shopping experience.

Joomla 4.0 supported
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6 months of access to support and downloads/updates. The extensions will keep working after this period.
Joomla 3.10 supported
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Joomla 4.0 supported

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Joomla 3.9 / 3.10 supported
Wordpress version available

Wordpress version

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