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VirtueMart Extensions

VirtueMart is a real workhorse of a ecommerce component for Joomla. It might not look like much at the get go - but it is an extremly feature rich and flexible ecommerce platform. If you are ready to go throguh some extra length of setup and configuration you will be rewarded with a very competent web platform for ecommerce.
VirtueMart Extensions
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  • VMuikit X (10.x.x)

    Full Dynamic Content support for VirtueMart! Use the power of YOOthemes Pro Builder to create Dynamic Templates for VirtueMart! Go to our dedicate VMu...

    Latest Version: 10.18
    € 75 (6 months)
    J3 J4 Y C M P VM CE CS
  • VirtueMart One Page Checkout

    This is a One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 3 that will work with most regular payment methods in Virtuemart. It comes with a modern mobile friendly de...

    Latest Version: 2.3.6
    € 50 (6 months)
    J3 P VM
  • JP VM Ajax Search

    JP VM Ajax Search is a powerful ajax search module for Joomla to display Virtuemart product search result using keywords. Most interesting and unique ...

    Latest Version: 1.0.3
    € 25 (6 months)
    J3 J4 M VM
  • VirtueMart Klarna Checkout Enhanced (API v3)

    Payment module for Klarna Checkout (for Klarna API v3) for VirtueMart with enhanced features. We have built this plugin in close corporation with the ...

    Latest Version: 1.10
    € 50 (6 months)
    J3 P VM
  • VirtueMart E-mail / Invoice Enhanced

    This plugin overrides the standard VirtueMart e-mail confirmation and PDF invoice with new variants with better layout. There are also a few more conf...

    Latest Version: 1.3
    € 30 (6 months)
    J3 P VM
  • VMuikit Offcanvas Shopping Cart

    This is a addon for the VMuikit package. It adds a offcanvas shopping cart that slides in from the right.

    Latest Version: 2.1.3
    € 55 (6 months)
    J3 Y M VM
  • VirtueMart Unifaun Shipment Plugin

    This is a plugin that integrates Unifaun (and PostNord) with your VirtueMart shop. It creates and active integration for very easy and quick handling ...

    Latest Version: 1.4
    € 65 (6 months)
    J3 P VM
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