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JP CE Search Pro

JP CE Search Pro
Latest Version: 1.0.1

JP Custom Field for Smart Search 1.0.1


Security Tested on PHP 8 and Joomla 4.

JP CE Search Pro 1.0.1


Security Tested on PHP 8 and Joomla 4.
New Feature Supported Joomla 4 new update system
  • Tested on PHP 8 and Joomla 4. Supported Joomla 4 new update system.

JP Custom Field for Smart Search 1.0


  • Initial Release

JP CE Search Pro 1.0


JP CE Search Pro adds some ajax functions to the Search elements and adds more styling parameters. It also comes with a extra plugin called "JP Custom Field for Smart search" which add the ability to add Joomlas articles custom fields into the Smart Search Template layouts.

20 EUR
Latest Version: 1.0.1
Buy - € 20



The "Search" element in YOOtheme does not integrate the smart search features of showing indexed keywords in an dropdown (please not that adding the Smart Search module does work very nice in standard YOOtheme and might be enough for most people). With JP CE Search Pro you get keyword suggestions as you type.

We have alos added more parameters to style the search field more and with a dedicated search button.

This package includes an extra download for a plugin called JP Custom Field for Smart search and it does as the name suggests; with this enabled you can access the Joomla custom fields in articles for display in your "Smart Search Templates" within YOOtheme Pro.

Video presentation coming soon...

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