VMuikit - Seamless use of VirtueMart and YOOtheme Pro templates.

Ever tried to have a unison look and feel with your Joomla template and Virtuemart?

We know how much hard work this can be and as fans of YOOthemes templates and design we needed a tool to help us. That is why we created the VMuikit package built on the UIkit framework (UIkit 2 and 3).

The UIkit framework is developed by and used in all YOOtheme Joomla templates. It is a lightweight and modern framework created to utilise modern design with modern compatibility in all type of desktop and mobile units.

Now support YOOtheme Pro 2.0!

Ecommerce with Joomla CMS and YOOtheme Pro

VMuikit makes it easy to build a Ecommerce website with Joomla and Virtuemart using the YOOtheme Pro template framework. VMuikit comes with 5 custom elements to integrate VirtueMart directly into the YOOtheme Builder.

Getting Started


How to install

VMuikit comes in two packages. First there is a Joomla Component that needs to be installed. The second zip package is the Custom Elements that needs to be added to your template folder to be able to access the YOOtheme Custom Elements in the Builder. Please read the documentation.

Getting Help

Customer Support

You have access to our Support Ticket for as long as your subscription is Active. For any help and questions please post a ticket and we will reply as soon as we can. We do not answer tickets during weekends.
Reference sites

Live example sites?

Not convinced yet? Please take a look at some or our live projects that use VMuikit. Also please note that there might be quite heavy customizations to the layouts and look per clients request.

nintendo.se | roka.nl | mabranaturligt.se | livingstudio.se | netjakt.se | sandstendesign.se

Advanced Users

Customizing and overrides

If you are a professional web designer, developer or a web agency there are easy ways to override the default design/layouts of VMuikit to fit your projects easily. Please check the documentation for more information about customizations and overrides.

VirtueMart YOOtheme Custom Builder Elements

Custom VM Builder Elements

VMuikit comes with extra elements in the YOOtheme Pro Builder. These new elements makes it easy to add VirtueMart 'Add to cart' buttons, products and categories directly in your YOOtheme Pro layout. This lets your easily create awesome custom product pages with Add to cart buttons etc.
Power of three tools

The power of three tools

VMuikit enables you to use three powerful tools seamlessly. The robustness of Joomla CMS combined with the modern and flexible YOOtheme Pro template design & layouts. Last but not least, the work horse of a Ecommerce platform with VirtueMart.

Quick installation and setup

Follow our guides and instruction and you will have a beautiful shop ready in no time. Hundreds of hours of work have been put into enable VMuikit to do its magic.

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